Mole, the forever reigning queen of sauces dating back to the earliest of days in all of Mexico’s regional cuisine. Mole is a complex mix of different ingredients, toasted, roasted, and fried. Then simmered together with broth to incorporate all the different flavor components. After that, everything gets blended up to a beautiful sauce that screams Mexican cuisine and all the many different flavors that are involved with in.

Moles contain a combination of chilis, spices, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and charred vegetables. Some moles are even made with the addition of fried bread or tortillas to give more body to the different styles made and served. Mole can be served as the base for just about any kind of meat or vegetable. While the sauce tastes great right after making it, it gets even better when the flavors have time to fully speak out.

There are as many different moles as there are cities in Mexico. Each one can contain different local ingredients depending on what part of the country you are in, and what time of the year it is. Regarding the many different variations of mole, depending on region and family recipe. The one thing all Moles have on common is the celebratory relationship they stand for when being served at most, if not all-important occasions throughout life, to making everyday moles for weekly family lunch.

Probably the most noted of the variations of this dish is the Mole Poblano which you will find the addition of Mexican chocolate to help round out many of the other flavors found with-in Mole poblano. There is also something known as Oaxaca’s Seven Moles, which will you give you a better understanding of the many different varieties of Mole in Mexico. I have included a link below for you to check out.

The 7 Moles Of Oaxaca